Enhance Adhesion and Performance with ICON® 440LSE Premium Print Media


In the competitive world of print media, finding the right materials for your projects is essential. At Substance, we proudly offer a wide range of high-quality print media, overlaminates, and vinyls to help you achieve exceptional results. In this blog post, we will highlight the outstanding features of our ICON® 440LSE Print Media, which is specifically designed to optimize adhesion, especially for low surface energy substrates.

Optimize Adhesion with ICON® 440LSE:

When it comes to challenging applications that require superior adhesion, ICON® 440LSE is the perfect choice. This premium polymeric print media has been engineered to provide exceptional performance on LSE (Low Surface Energy) plastics, concrete/brick, and other difficult surfaces. The clear solvent-based adhesive of ICON® 440LSE offers high-tack with aggressive adhesion, ensuring reliable bonding on even the most challenging substrates.

Unmatched Adhesion on Low Surface Energy Substrates:

One of the key advantages of ICON® 440LSE is its ability to adhere to low surface energy substrates. These materials, known for their poor adhesion characteristics, can present challenges in achieving long-lasting and durable graphics. However, our ICON® 440LSE print media is specifically formulated to overcome these challenges, providing unrivaled adhesion on a variety of low surface energy substrates.

Versatility and Flexibility for Various Applications:

Whether you are creating signage for outdoor displays or decals for complex surfaces, ICON® 440LSE offers the versatility and flexibility required to meet your diverse needs. This premium print media is suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive graphics, equipment decals, architectural graphics, and more. Its compatibility with challenging surfaces opens up new possibilities for your projects, ensuring a professional and eye-catching finish every time.

Superior Performance and Durability:

At Substance, we understand the importance of print media that not only adheres well but also maintains its performance over time. ICON® 440LSE is engineered for durability, providing long-term adhesion and resistance to environmental factors such as UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and moisture. This ensures that your graphics stay vibrant and intact, even in demanding outdoor environments.

Partner with Substance for Your Print Media Needs:

As a leading provider of high-quality overlaminates, vinyls, and print media, Substance is committed to helping you achieve optimal results for your graphic projects. With ICON® 440LSE, you can enhance adhesion, expand your application possibilities, and ensure long-lasting performance.


When it comes to print media, choosing the right materials can significantly impact the success of your projects. With ICON® 440LSE from Substance, you can optimize adhesion on low surface energy substrates and gain the versatility required for a wide range of applications. Benefit from the superior performance, durability, and reliability of our premium print media, and unlock new creative possibilities for your graphic projects.

Partner with Substance today and experience the difference that quality print media can make in achieving exceptional results.

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